2​-​cute 2​-​be 4​-​gotten

by Chris von Sneidern

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released September 1, 2000


all rights reserved



Chris von Sneidern San Francisco, California

Chris von Sneidern (CvS) is a San Francisco-based singer/songwriter and recording artist with thirteen critically acclaimed, self-produced albums. CvS has entertained audiences with his music in Japan, Spain, and throughout the UK and USA. He owns and operates a commercial recording studio in San Francisco. ... more

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Track Name: Just Another Day
just another day
by C.C.

Today it was my birthday
Sixteen, I could finally drive
But it didn't feel special
I still went to school
Still had tests
Still went to practice
Still had homework
I even still felt fifteen
There was nothing special about today
All in all, it was just another day
Track Name: What I Did Today
What I Did Today
by sailingsky

i sit all day
eating triscuits
singing to myself
on a sunny day that
was supposed to be s***ty.

sitting alone in
a yellow room
i light a candle and
watch the
Track Name: Seeds Of Love
i thought that we were lucky
i thought we were the ones
you held my hand and made me soup
and brought me scoops of fun

it seems the clouds are nearing
they won't just blow away
but the memory of the love we shared
might hang around and stay

i can't predict tomorrow's tears
or hope for new beginnings
when grey skies loom above us
and cancel out our winnings

please try and hold the seeds of love
and always do remember
what happened once upon a time
that first day of november

-beth lisick
Track Name: Love Blindness
Love Blindness

Is love blind or is it me?
I'm in a bind and i can't see.

I want to touch what is not there.
I want to hold what i can't bear.
I want to kiss but i shall not dare.

If love could see,
Would it see me?

Date: Oct. 97
Track Name: 'Unable To Be Located'
"unable to be located"

Two lost loves,
yet to be found
Searching for a soul
Matching the unknown.

We live on hope
one day we'll succeed
Will we learn how to cope
In this tragic need?

Eyes glowing in the dark,
Feelings pure numbness
Wishing to reach their mark.
Thinking of dumbness.

Can we ever be known,
In this world so big.
Will they hear our moan
or just point and say pig.

We will wait
like robots
To meet our fate
Not our thoughts.

Life endeavors
may hold us.
But our eternal moments
will mold us.

Track Name: Love
by Tree Leyburn (Marion at the time)

Did you ever love a boy And knew he didn't love you?
Did you ever feel like crying
but what good would it do?
Did you ever look into his eyes
And say a little prayer?
Did you ever look into his head
And wish that you were there?
Did you ever see him dancing
with the lights turned down low?
Did you ever whisper to yourself
"God, I love him so!!"

So don't ever fall in love my friend
You'll find it doesn't pay
Although it causes broken hearts still It happens every day
You wonder where he is at night
You wonder if he's true
One minute you are happy
The next you are blue

Then all at once you see him
And your heart begins to dance
Your world revolves around him
You'll give him one more chance...

Then it starts, you don't know why
You're worrying day and night
You see my friend, you're losing grip
It never turns out right
Love is nice, it hurts so much
The price you pay is high
If I had to choose between love and death
I think I'd die
So please my friend, never fall in love
You'll be hurt before you're through

You see my friend, I ought to know
I'm still in love with you...
Track Name: This Fragile Heart You'll Never Break
This fragile heart you'll never break

I know that you'll never break,
This fragile heart of mine.
My feelings for you are in the dark,
Something I doubt you'll ever find.

I love the way you walk,
And the way you talk,
Made me feel like a special girl.

But I was so afraid,
That you'll find out how I feel.
So to keep my secret safe,
I avoided talking to you.

I do hope for the day,
To look you straight in the eye.
Laugh along at your jokes,
Sit with you by your side.

I dont ask for much.
So I'm quite content
secretly in love with you.
In this way,I'm sure
This fragile heart you'll never break.
Track Name: Deflated
by rosepetals

like a balloon
poked with a pen
i feel deflated
my self-confidence thin

ever the best
at least not the worst
but stuck in between
always envying the first

not athletic
artistic or hot
nothing special
with nothing to flaunt
Track Name: Heartbreak Game
heartbreak game

Depth perceptions interceive.
Unknown thoughts May revein.

Lush desires Do drive deep.
Unspoken words, I Will not peep.

Looking into Empty Eyes,
My heart sees All your lies.

Questioning you Will remain the same
All you see is a heartbreak game.

Fuck your thoughts I despise.
Your the Devil in my eyes.
-CLE- FEB. 23, -00-
Track Name: Annoyed
Annoyed by Ali

I'm annoyed.
Not my 10-year-old sister is driving me crazy annoyed,
Not the dog across the street won't stop barking at nothing annoyed,
Not I keep getting prank calls annoyed.
But no guy I like ever calls annoyed annoyed,
Annoyed that the boy next door wears
the same Miss Piggy shirt every day,
Annoyed at the guys that tell everyone else they like me but never tell me,
Annoyed that my life has no exciting moments whatsoever.
Track Name: All I Want Is To Be Me
Just me...

Looking, Searching, lost
What may be the cost?
The scent of confusion is in the air,
Why couldn't I be there?

Dangerous looks are seen.
Glanced behind a book
It intervenes.

Misread lines Lead to believe
History may perceive.

If wishes coule come true
I'd wish to be with you.
Under the moon. If you only knew.

Into the night I close my eyes
might I think of you, in disguise.

Acceptances is what I hunger for.

All I want is to be me.

Feb.6, 2000
Track Name: Love Turned Into Lust
Love turned into Lust

Cries I scream Death is near
lust has never been sincere
Tears roll down to my knees
Becoming steam from the heat

Love turns into lust
Pains turn into pleasure
Nakedness intertwines, Two becoming one.

on the bed, Sheets knocked off
It's just us us forever
My eyes burn burn with fear
Someday you may not be here.

Thoughts rush through through my head
realizing we're still in bed
What's going on, It's almost dawn.
My life reached reached it's peak
It's all gone in the moment of the heat....

Love turns into lust
Pains turn into pleasure
Nakedness intertwines, two becoming one.


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